Certify the sustainability of your building construction and the quality of your ventilation systems with SGS.

As a leading provider of certification for the construction industry, we offer you unrivaled expertise in the requirements for sustainable building and ventilation systems. We can help you acquire a wide range of certification, including SNBS and the SVLW label.

SNBS 2.0 Building Construction

SNBS is the first comprehensive and certifiable standard for sustainable building construction in Switzerland, created in cooperation with key representatives of the Swiss construction industry. SNBS is based on the "Swiss Sustainable Development Strategy 2012-2015 and 2016-2019 of the Federal Council". The SFOE holds all rights to SNBS. 

As the exclusive certification body for SNBS, we work closely with Minergie and dual certifications to simplify SNBS certification.

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Download the standard for free at the SNBS website.

Find out further information on the SNBS certification requirements.

SVLW Label

Swiss Association for Air and Water Hygiene (SVLW) certification confirms the expertise of specialized ventilation companies. As the exclusive certification partner for SVLW, we can help you obtain your certificate to demonstrate the quality of your ventilation systems. 

Please note, SVLW is only available in German-speaking Switzerland.

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