Certification and evaluation services for the education sector and social institutions help to confirm your compliance with recognized standards.

Education providers and social institutions need to meet a wide range of regulatory standards. We offer comprehensive certification and evaluation solutions focused on the education and social institutions sectors to help you meet the required standards and confirm the quality of your organization.

eduQua: Certification for Continuing Education Institutions

eduQua is the Swiss quality label for providers of continuing education. We can help you gain the eduQua label, confirming the quality of your institution.

ISO 29990:2010 Learning Services for Education and Training – Basic Requirements for Service Providers

The ISO 29990:2010 international standard sets out the quality management system requirements for learning service providers in education and training. ISO 29990:2010 is a specification of ISO 9001:2015 for the education industry.

With in-depth knowledge of the standard, we can help you implement ISO 29990:2010, confirming that you meet the standard’s requirements.


A proven quality management system for schools and other educational institutions, Q2E stands for "quality through evaluation and development". In Switzerland, Q2E is used by elementary schools, high schools and vocational schools.

We can help you confirm that you meet Q2E requirements. Q2E certification is evaluated externally by IFES – the national institutional competence center for external quality assurance at upper secondary level – and must be carried out every six years.


We offer external evaluation to support you in the development of school and teaching quality. We provide a comprehensive external view to confirm that you meet all relevant quality standards and requirements. Our evaluations are conducted according to regional requirements – with or without contextual analysis. These can be combined with ISO 29990 certification.

Our external evaluations focus on the quality of your organizational and educational processes such as:

  • Quality and the control of quality processes by the school management
  • Individual feedback and the quality development of teachers
  • Self-evaluation, school and lesson development, or areas defined by the region or the school, such as dealing with heterogeneity (different talents, cultures and genders) and learning arrangements for independent and joint learning

INSOS Q:2014

INSOS Q defines the management system requirements for organizations in the disability sector. It aims to help increase clients’ quality of life and meet regional requirements. With in-depth understanding of INSOS Q, we can help you confirm that your organization meets the standard’s requirements.

SODK Ost +:2011

Defined by the conference of social directors of the Eastern Swiss regions, SODK Ost + sets out the quality guidelines for the provision of facilities for disabled people. We can help you understand SODK Ost + requirements and confirm that your organization meets the standard.


The Swiss Association of Labor Market Measures (SVOAM) has created the quality management system SVOAM:2010. The certificate confirms the assurance and development of quality in the field of labor integration services. We can help you understand SVOAM:2010 and confirm that your organization meets the standard.

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