Confirm the conformity of your consumer goods with product conformity testing, declaration checks and fit-for-use testing from SGS.

As a world-leading provider of inspection, certification, testing and verification for the consumer goods industry, we can help you ensure the conformity of your products to a range of legal, regulatory and quality requirements.

Product Conformity Tests

We check the legal marketability of your products, referring to our extensive database of EU and Swiss directives, which is constantly updated.

Product conformity tests outside EU and Switzerland

For conformity checks according to legal requirements outside the EU and Switzerland, we offer the following services:

Import/Export Certification

Monitoring Services

Declaration Checks

To help you meet mandatory requirements across the globe, we offer product declaration checks (label checks) worldwide, according to country-specific legal regulations.

Fit-For-Use (FFU) Testing

Due to the Product Safety Act, the producer is liable for any injuries suffered by the user due to use. We perform risk-based verification of your products and create FFU-specific testing programs and recommendations to help you avoid potential liability risks.

To discuss the conformity requirements for your consumer goods, contact us today.