Enhance your reputation, manage risk and confirm that your organization meets the required standards with environmental services from SGS.

As a world-leading provider of inspection, certification, testing and verification environmental services, we can offer the expertise and state-of-the art laboratory facilities for fast, accurate, reliable data. 

Asbestos Testing

Our dedicated asbestos laboratory offers you asbestos analysis for both material and air samples, as well as PCB analysis in Nidau, Geneva and Koelliken.

Environmental Laboratory

Our modern analytical laboratory in Koelliken offers a comprehensive range of environmental services, including: 

  • Environmental and contaminated site investigation
  • Landfill monitoring
  • Waste analysis
  • Asbestos analysis 
  • Indoor pollutants
  • Special analysis for Dioxins, PFT and heterocycles
  • Gas sampling with Silcocan canisters
  • Competent consulting

GRI - Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Whereas GRI follows the Reporting Principles on the basis of a document review, our verification focuses on the underlying management system (policies, procedures and data management system) and the accuracy statements in the report. The verification does not require full reporting according to GRI.

Verification of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Our ISO 14064 team can verify your CO2 emission data (Scope 1-3), separately or as a part of GRI verifications (see above) .You can choose different levels of verification and the issued statement can verify findings as "reasonable" or "limited".

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