A range of essential life sciences services.

We offer a range of life science services – from certifying clinics to comprehensive biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical analysis.


The ‘T-certificate – for Transparency and Quality Assurance in Medicine’ serves as proof of your clinic’s focus on quality, both internally and externally.

When patients choose a T-certified clinic or practice, they know they are choosing one focused on transparency and high quality. From indications through to outcome measurement and implementation, the results obtained from the outcome measurement are worked on in a structured, traceable way. The certification provides valuable feedback to help optimize processes in T-certified clinics and practices. The T-certificate also strengthens your position in relation to health insurers and administrative bodies.

The T-certificate is monitored by the prestigious non-profit T-Foundation.

As an exclusive certification partner, we possess in-depth knowledge of the requirements and can support you in gaining your T-certificate.

GLP/cGMP analytical services

As the world's leading GLP/cGMP analytical service provider, we offer high-quality biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical analysis. In compliance with ICH guidelines, our analytical services cover molecules at all stages of development – from research and quality control in production to approval.

Our products and services include:

  • Protein/peptide analysis
  • Glycosylation analysis
  • Oligonucleotide analysis
  • Bioanalyses
  • Metabolic analysis
  • Pharmaceutical analysis

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